uomo di carne
DJ / Kame House co-founder
Cologne, Germany

Having not only gained a reputation as manager, booker, resident DJ and general all-round-man at Cologne’s once-hottest venue King Georg or the infamous K5 club nights during the past decade, uomo di carne undoubtedly became the misprized mastermind and conceptual engineer behind Kame House — and not only because he can look at an ever-growing and diverse musical knowledge (ranging from all varieties of underground dance music to bubblegum-billboard-pop, from ancient to futuristic and beyond), but also because he never ceases to prove how important it is as a DJ to merge your different personal musical socializations to create a deeply personal experience for everybody. Neither dreading to reveal his heartstrings, nor to scare the self-proclaimed hip-crowd, uomo di carne’s DJ sets are always sincere but never too serious!


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